I am a retired Restoration Builder, with nothing better to do than build sheds. Living in the Welsh borderlands near Presteigne.

I decided to retire at age 59, I’d had enough of the Winters (that’s not a family, it’s the time of year). In preparation I had built a large shed, that I call ‘The Mothershed’. It has underfloor heating, a workshop, studio and a sauna for the cold winters.  Outside is a glass roofed area with a pole lathe and shaving horse for general greenwood working.

From then on I find you need other sheds…
Apple Store, wood store, potting, mowers, chicken, Tree house (shed in a tree), Bollocks shed (explanation in gallery), general store, owl box/dog kennel (shed on a tree) and Yoga shed… (Karen needs a shed).
There are others too, a greenhouse, a folly, a fruitcage….