George Clarke Amazing Spaces Cricket Pavilion Gordon Langton

The Cricket Pavilion – an ‘Amazing Space’

Started in 2015, built as a sleeping pod for the grandchildren, the Cricket Pavilion contains two sets of bunk beds and has underfloor heating.

It was built by me and my son Louis with help from Oscar aged 8, and Pablo, 7. We were filmed doing this by Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (Series 5 episode 3).

Started in May it took 3 months, but building time was 8 weeks. We had to stop occasionally to fit in with the filming schedule. They came for 6 days over the summer and we ended up with about 20 mins of fame.

I was happy with the outcome and the ‘Wildflower Meadow’ roof was looking good. Seeds were free from ‘Grow Wild’ at Kew botanical gardens, anyone can apply.